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Here is the upcoming schedule for Mortar shoots at Ft Shenandoah. For More information on Ft. Shenandoah visit North-South Skirmish Association[/color] website

Schedule courtesy of Pat Kelly 7th Virginia

July 8-10, 2005 McNeils Rangers McNeils Rangers Chesapeake
July 15-17, 2005 34th Veteran's
August 12-14, 2005 Allegheny Regional Allegheny
August 19-21, 2005 Alexander Wainwright
Artillery Skirmish Chesapeake
August 26-28, 2005 Gator Skirmish 1st Valley Rangers Central Virginia
September 9-11, 2005 91st Potomac Regional Potomac Potomac
October 5-9, 2005 112th National Skirmish
October 21-23, 2005 Bedford Skirmish 2nd PA Inf. Allegheny
October 28-30, 2005 Halloween Skirmish

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The Alexander Wainwright shoot in August usually has several mortar events ( 100, 150 ,unknown, ect.) and field artillery. I'm thinking about making the drive down.
Except for the Fall Nationals the rest are smaller shoots with or without cannon.
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