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Mossberg SS-i One rifle?

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Just wondering if anyone has one of these Mossbergs SS-i One rifles and what they think of them. I have not seen one in any gunshops and wonder if they are still being made. Thanks. Pete
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I just started a new post asking the same thing, except I now have one in 22-250. I have yet to shoot it, but it's a beautiful gun. The test target has a 5 shot group measuring just .4". If it shoots like that all the time I'm gonna smile way too much!
I don't know why dealers aren't stocking them. Gun guys slobbered all over mine when it arrived (well, when don't we). sells regular barrels (with forearm) for 147.95 + 15.00 shipping, 183.95 for the bull and rifled slug barrel. I like the hammerless style and barrel change system better than my Encore. In time I hoping that aftermarket Encore barrel makers will start producing SSi barrels.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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