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Mounting Scope on Hi-Standard .22

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Mounting Scope on Hi-Standard .22


I have this mount on a 5in bull barrel and it works nice. It will overhang the slide and clear the rear sight. I have a tasco red dot scope on it and it work really well. I cant comment on the tappered barrel. Sorry.

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Mounting Scope on Hi-Standard .22

Hi Advacate.

Not sure which model of Hi-Standard your shooting, but the scope mount I've used in the past (1980's) was made by Jasmar. It simply replaces the left hand grip panel on my Victor and clears the sights. NO MODS to gun! :grin:

Went back to open sights when my old red dot sight took a dump :cry:

The address on the mount is:

Jasmar Inc.
955 Milstead Wau
Rodchester, N.Y. 14624

If interested email me and I can shot a digital photo of it for you! You might even be able to talk me out of it real cheap!

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