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Multiple day hunts...

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Just wondering how many of you camp ovenight in the woods on multiple day hunts? Or if any of you ever hunt while backpacking?

I was thinking that when I get my handgun license I would casually hunt squirrels while backpacking. I like the idea of hunting/fishing for my food while traveling in an area and was wondering if any of you do the same.
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:D Hi Woodchuck.When I go for my walkes I'm gone from 1 day to more than two weeks.I take only 2 or 3 MRE'S(Millitary "C" rations),so I rely on what I find on the way.I carry a .44 mag with 1 #9 shot and 4 heavy 300 grain loads.the shot workes good on small gaim to about 25 yds.And the heavy load is for the game that hunt me,which I never yet had to use,
.They are like me we mind our owne and go on our way :grin: Lp.
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Hunting in Alaska has ALWAYS been a multi-day affair for me. I take up to 2 weeks off for a hunt and never less than 3 days. That's big game hunting. Yeah, bird hunting can be done in a days outing, but to get into really good game country that isn't crawling with hunters, whether it be for moose, caribou, goats, sheep, bear, deer or elk, it is always for a stretch of days.
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