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1st ice is always a good time to see the runs from the bank dens. Look for bubble trails under the ice and make some 110 sets accordingly. Same goes for the huts. If the ice can't be seen through, then I might suggest a pole set though a hole in the ice. I typically take a pole and attach a platform to it that is big enough to accomodat a 1.5 trap. Put a piece of apple or carrot on a nail 4-5" above the platform. Drill or chop out an 8" hole and push the pole into the bottom, leaving the platform 3-4" under the ice. The rats will either be attracted to the air pocket or the bait, or both. I have even had a little luck doing this without bait. I should emphasize that this set has never been a favorite, but rather a means to trap rats in situations like the one you have described. perhaps someone will come though with something better for both of us. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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