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muzzle brakes

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muzzle brakes

I asked a similar questions a while back and folks pretty much said "chop it off and recrown the barrel".

I have access to a lathe and I think I am going to make a Stainless steel sleeve to fit over the brake and use a couple of set screws to hold it in place. I will have to be a snug sliding fit so it can be removed if I want to. This way I can "silence" it without having to modify the barrel.

Unfortunately all the ranges here in Sunny Warm Minnesota are closed for the season (May anyway) so I am not going to get a chance to post any resultes till spring warm up :cry:

Will let folks know what happens. The barrel I am experimenting on is a 14" TC Hunter (SS) in .223.

Happy Holidays All.....

DonT :D
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Take a look at VVCG On/Off Brake

VVCG makes a On/Off brake. Take a look and it will give you some idea as to how they are made.
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