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Went out into the woods this morning with my 209X50 that I traded a guy in this forum to get. I was impressed at the range with the groups I was getting with 100 gr of cleanshot and a 295 gr powerbelt. I never expected to shoot more than about 50 yrds as the area I was hunting was very thick, but as luck would have it I found a spot I move a little farther down the road and had a clear path out to about 150 yrds to shoot. 10 minutes after sitting down, I shot the biggest deer of my life. One shot at 100 yrds harvested a 9 pt buck that dressed out at 150 lbs. Next time, I hope to shoot it where it drops dead by my truck instead of dropping in its tracks and dragging it for an hour and a
Just though I would share with you all.
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