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Radiotech..Good post....but... In all fairness Quickdtoo was just trying to help...if you hang on this forum very long you would know he is very helpful and I have NEVER heard him be "condescending" to anyone...sanctimonious and self rightious?? ( :?: :roll: )(as far as him being an A-hole :roll: ...the jury is sequestered on that one! :-D :-D ) I think you misinterpreted his comments as being criticism...again that is your opinion....but knowing him for some time...I did not perceive it as criticism...just HIS STYLE of being helpful and if you were a regular on the forum you would have realized that....hate to loose you as a poster... I wish you would reconsider leaving us.... and remember not all of us wake up with a big grin on our face everyday.... :coffee:
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