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My laminate stocked T/C Hawken at 200 yards

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Per site rules, I post this here because I use sabots and 250 grain .45 caliber XTPs in her.
Powder is 70 grains of 3f Swiss Holy Black.
She wears the factory bead front sight and a T/C aperture rear zeroed at 100 yards. Velocity 1610 fps chrono'd and drop is 22 inches.
200 yards with a sidelock is FUN and attracts attention from the curious and disbelieving.


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Nice shooting!!!! I shot some sabots out of an old Hawken years ago, just to see what they would do. Much to my surprise they grouped better than what I had shot in it for years.
She's my best sidelock by a LONG shot.
Using Greenhill's formula, the longest .45 that will stabilize in a 1-48 twist is the 250 grain. That requires a 1-49.
Autumn, her nickname, also likes the 200 and 230 grain .45 XTPs, with the same powder/ charge.
Her first day in the woods, I got 2 doe an hour apart to the minute. Even recovered my first XTP. Expanded to .700 and weighed 238 grains. 100 yard front quartering shot. Got a rib going in, went through her chest like a blender, broke another rib and stopped under the hide.
It's her turn this year, for our October antlerless deer and muzzleloader bear season.


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I love the laminates, most of my rifles have them. Where in the world did you find this stock.....I gotta have one!
It's a factory original. Not many were made though.
I've had my share of Hawkens over the years. But the quality of fit and finish on this one is darn near custom level.
One was on an auction site not long ago. Price started at $700 irrc.
I wouldn't sell mine for that price. But I'd buy one!
In a heartbeat...
I have a great shooting TC Grey Hawk, with a synthetic gray colored stock, and a TC Standard Hawken that could use a new stock. I guess I will have to look around more, I can't seem to find any company making laminated Hawken furniture!
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