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My Recent Experience w/Riflescopes

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While looking for the scope I wanted and comparing the optics of Bushnell, Nikon and Burris, here are my observations. The Burris was not clear and the controls were stuck like "Chuck". I moved the AO finally and got the eye piece to move for focusing, but the lense appeared to have some unknown substance on it. The Nikon Buckmaster was clear but not as brite as the Bush. The AO only starts at 50 yds to Infinity, The Bushnell was clear, controls worked smooth and the AO starts at 10 yds. This may not be important to CF guns but to a RF it is a must. Up close and out of focus, turn the AO and clears up. All these scopes were brand new in the box unwrapped. FWIW this was my recent experience.
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Just out of curiosity, what model of Burris were you looking at? What do you mean that there was an unknown susbstance?

The Burris was a Compact 3-9-32 AO and appeared blurry. I attempted to focus the blur out w/the focus ring and AO but like I said the controls were very tight and didn't want to break anything. Maybe something on the lense??? I don't know?? It also was not as bright, probably because it was a 32mm objective as opposed to the 40mm Bush and Nikon. I was focusing on a white sign w/red/blue lettering and it was a bright sunny day in Dallas, Tx.
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