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Neighbors take shots at gun range

MARVIN, N.C. – A shooting range on the same street as an elementary school has many parents outraged.

The Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club built a range in Union County nearly a half century ago, but now there are some new people in town who want the range closed down. With that in mind, the gun club held an open house Saturday.

“The purpose of the open house is to let people who have moved into the area recently who drive by and see the sign out there and say ‘What on Earth is going on back there?’” said James Peterson.

What is going on back there? For one, gun owners like Linda Geer are learning how to fire a shot.

“My husband passed away last year, and for security reasons I knew it would be best for me to learn how to shoot,” she said.

A new elementary school is being built just down the road from the shooting range, and down the road a little more are dozens of new subdivisions. Some of the new neighbors are not happy about the location of the range.

“It will make me nervous when they are playing on the playground,” said parent Dorian Nicolosi. “It does not sit well with me.”

Nicolosi and two daughters live just down the road. Both girls will attend the new elementary school when it opens in the fall.

”I don't think it should be anywhere near a school,” she said. “It shouldn’t be within five miles of school.”

Back at the range, there are mothers who say parents have no reason to worry.

“We went through a class even before they let us out on the range,” Geer said. “They are absolutely prepared to monitor everyone with a gun on this premises.”

Members of the gun club say they want neighbors to know everyone here is aiming for the same goal – to keep people safe

The Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club first formed in 1913. Today it has more than 600 members.

*FW Note:

Stuff like this aggravates me. It's like those boobs who buy houses next to airports and then complain about the noise from the flightline or traffic overhead.

The gun club in the story has been there for nearly 100 years. Are you telling me that the planning and zoning people didn't know it was there when they planted the newest Children's Indoctrination Facility there?

Yeah right. And now it's the club's responsibility to do something about it?

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