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Neck Sizing 7X30 Waters

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I have a 7X30 Waters barrel coming and was wondering if, in a 2 die set, if the full length resizer will just neck size if I back it our 1/2 a turn or so?

I like :lol: the lee collet dies, only have one gun or barrel in each caliber so worrying about interchanging ammo is not an issue.

I really like not having to lube when neck sizing brass after it has been shot in the gun it will be used in. Unfortunately :( lee doesn't make the collet dies for the 7X30 Waters.

If you can use the full length resizer by backing it out do you just need to lube the neck or can you get buy with no lube at all.

Also if you have a good starting load I would love to hear it. I have a SS 14" bull barrel coming. I may be using it next year for White Tail hunting in Minnesota but would also like to find a nice paperpunching load using jacketed bullets.

Thanks and have a wonderful New Year,
DonT :D
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I don't know if you can neck only size by backing out 1/2 turn, I would think you wouldn't get a full length neck size, but only a partial length neck size.

I can tell you that you do need to lube the necks, inside and out, when using a neck only die.
I use a Redding Neck Only Sizing die for my 7-30s and while I usually do lube the inside of neck I never lube anything else and haven't had a problem in the last thousand or so I've loaded that way with it.

If you use a regular die to partial resize you will either have to use lube on the case or a stuck case remover on the case to get it back out of the die. :)
Lee will make you a collett die for the 7-30 for about $60. They want fired brass. I am tempted because of the good luck I have had with these but have still not spent the money.

For partial sizing I lube the necks with dry mica powder from Midway. It requires no cleanup - just dump out the excess. Never had a stuck case.

I have been using Varget for 100 gr. and 748 or 4895 for the 130SSP.

The 100s group fine. I am still not happy with the 130s I am retrying Varget with some success.

mike :)
Mike, just get a Redding NS Only die and be happy. Works great.

Try 35.5 grains of W748 under that Sierra 130 SSSP. Best combination I've found and most who have tried it in theirs have found happiness.

NS die

Don will have a Redding NS die very soon. I just sent him one Friday. Good luck with the die Don.

I've had real good results with 38 gr of H414 and the 130 Sierra in my 16". Consistently get less than one inch groups at 100 yd when I do my part.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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