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Need help from experienced Encore users!

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I need some help from experienced Encore owner on here. I had a 12” bull barrel in .454 Casull lined up and ready to buy, the owner came back from deer camp this weekend and his house had been tossed, anything of value was history! I have Denzel Roberts in Texas making me a set of custom grips and forend for this Encore. My question is this: Will a
12” bull barrel cut the recoil enough to make any difference over the 12” standard taper barrel? Also, if I have him cut the forend for a standard taper, would I be able to put the forend on anything but a standard taper barrel, i.e., a bull barrel or a heavy varmint taper? I’d like to buy a heavy taper or even bull barrel in the future if I don’t get one for the .454
Casull, so let me know if I can put the standard cut forend on a heavier taper barrel. So I guess the gist of it is, can I put the same Encore forend on a standard, heavy, and a bull barrel for the Encore? I need to know because I have to tell Denzel what I want. Please help me.
PS This will be my first Encore and first Encore barrel, but not my first handcannon.
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454 Recoil

I have two 454's - a 10" bull and a 15" heavy taper which is mag-na-ported w/four ports. To me, the 10" bull has a lot less recoil because of the weight. I have special forends for my bull barrels that I don't believe will fit the tapered ones (I haven't tried though). In my opinion, the biggest recoil reducer for the Encore is the rubber grip. Use a fancy wood one for display, but come shootin' time, put the ugly rubber one on.
A forend made for a standard taper barrel will not fit a bull barrel.

For more info, check
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