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Hello i was wanting to no from all of you, does any one no of some good places to get 1911 parts, i was wanting to finish a old gov- model 45 1911,,, i wanted to go through it and change everything,,,,, i dont want to make it a race gun or anything,,, i just would like to replace everything,, (springs,firing pin, etc,etc,etc)

and i would like to build me a 1911 45 from frame up...i allways wanted to build my own . because anyone can buy a finished gun. i wanted to finish my own,,, i dont have a machine shop or anything,,, so i would have to buy the frame and all the parts for the gun, but i would like to build it with the parts that i chose. ....any sites that you no of would be greatly appriciated..

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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