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I was offered a .38 spec S&W Ti airlite (or air weight, i dont remember now its late) revolver. He has to sell he is moving to Switzerland and it cant go.

I like the gun but would rather have the .357 but if price is good

Purchased 4/2002 said he fired less then 20 rounds, I should see it in person next week, whats a good price to steal it for


ps you can email direct if better
[email protected]

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Used Gun

Jamie- no matter what it is, it is a used handgun. I would offer $300 and possibly let him negotiate. If he took it to a store they probably wouldn't give him any more than $200 for it and then turn around and sell it to you for $350.

You don't need a 357 in a snubnose revolver. Too much bark and not enough bite. Also, the Titanium Smiths never came with the factory caveat about not shooting reloads - that was a gunwriter's faux pax - he thought that just because the guns were all of one ounce lighter than the Airweight Bodyguard, the recoil of the case head against the recoil shield would cause lead bullets/reloads, etc., to walk out of thier cases and jam the cylinder. The loads that particular gunariter recommended for that pistol were just about useless - non plus P 125 grain hollow-points at all of a measured 925'/sec.

A friend bought one when they first came out - and two boxes of the recommended ammo - with one misfire from each box. I brought him 3 boxes of reloads, and I had made certain the crimp would not allow these bullets to 'walk' out of the cases. Wadcutter target loads, 158 grain lead SWC factory spec reloads, and a box of my own favorites - 200 grain SWCs at factory specs. Not one misfire, not one 'walk out', and better accuracy than he had from the recommended loads.

Actually, for the one ounce lighter weight I'm not so certain I would want a double action only snubbie. See what the local dealer would get/give for it and price that against a new or used Airweight Bodyguard (Model 38) - it is both single/double action, plus P rated, and you can cock the hammer to see how accurately you can shoot.

Hope this helps. Mikey.
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