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need help picking a gun

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I am new to concealed carry....I am 18 and just applied for my ccw...I haven't had any probs with the law and I live in a shall issue state...,so I am looking for a concealed carry weapon as I am almost sure I will be issued a ccw.

uh does anybody have any ideas on what a good first handgun would be...I have shot a few handguns in my life ranging from .22lr to .44mag..., I don't mind recoil to much as long as it is controlable to some extent....

I was thinking maybe a small .38special +p revolver....maybe like a little Taurus 5 shot snubbie...,but I am not sure yet..... any ideas ? I would apreciate any input u all have.

Thanx alot

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Choosing a handgun

Mc85 - choosing a handgun for concealed carry is not always such an easy task and there are so many choices out there it can be a mind-boggling chore.

My first question to you regards the purpose of your CCW - are you planning on entering the law enforcement field and seek something commensurate with what some Police Offiers carry as a backup weapon?

Are you looking for something for general all purpose field and self defense use? And if for self defense use the question that really begs an answer is what sort of dangerous situations do you encounter at your age that would necessitate a concealed handgun for protection that might not be better dealth with through avoidance.

If you are not a Police Officer or a potential candidate for Police training and a law enforcement career or something similar and seek a handgun for general all around shooting, field use and protection if you ever need it, then you may wish to narrow your choices to a medium bore revolver (38/357) with wide applicability.

Your own suggestion about a +p rated 38 snubbie is on target, in that regard. You can also think in terms of used Police revolvers in 38 or 357, as most have been shot little and maintained well. Here, a plain jane S&W 38/357 might suit your needs very well and give you better field application with enough capability for defense.

Just my two cents worth. Mikey.
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Shawn: Good luck to you. The Deputy has an excellent point that I overlooked - fit and feel are very important.

I'm also glad you have some experience with shooting but am happier with your awareness of your responsibilities and safety.

Deputy provided that the 380 is a minimal caliber in this regard and I would agree. Look round at your choices, which are many, and get back to us if we can advise you further. Hope this helps. Mikey.
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