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Need help with 1712 trigger weight adjustme

As far as I know it is impossible to make that trigger on the current 1712 break as light as you want it to. The original two stage hunter trigger would do that but believe me when I tell you the one you currently have is much better. Most of the shooters that have this 2 stage trigger disliked the original lighter 2nd stage and had it modified. Then late last year Anschutz modified the trigger to what it is now. I only know that because that is when I purchased my last 1712 and it was brought into the country in October or November 04. You may be better off increasing the weight of pull on the 54.18 if you want similar second stages. But realistically just practice with them and you will get used to both styles.
You can slightly decrese the overall weight of your 1712 trigger with the trigger return spring screw, as this will affect both stages. But you really can't tell the difference between 2lb. and 2lb. 4ozs. Good luck. Bill R
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