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Need help with 1712 trigger weight adjustme

So -- this is the gun that Duckgumbo sold without asking me if I was interested? :-D

Hornet is right about it being a mistake to try to get the balance too far out of line by making the 2nd stage too light.

You can, however, make the 2nd stage about as light as you want by changing out the cam in the trigger unit. (The position of the cam 'nose' where it contacts the sear lever is the determining factor.)

Neal Stepp in Ft Worth has the appropriate cams. Call him at 817 595 2090, tell him what you're trying to do and he should be able to send you what you need. (Keep in mind that what you'll be doing is something of a 'cut-and-try' experiment because the contact position is critical and the mfg tolerances aren't all that tight. IOW, you might have to do some stoning to get exactly where you want to go even with the proper cam in place.)

Changing the cam out is simple...'IF' you understand anything about trigger mechanics.
HOWEVER: (and I'm not trying to insult you) when someone mentions changing trigger settings and stoning trigger surfaces or engagement points my theory is that anyone who has to ask what needs to be done probably shouldn't do it!

Finally, please see the part above where I said that Hornet was right...

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