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Need help With a Beeman rifle

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Bought a Beeman Sportsman RS2 .177 at a gun show a few months ago.
Of course, there was no way to test the rifle at the show, but for $30 I wasn't too concerned.
Got it home and found that it was having trouble "cocking". It acted as if the trigger wasn't resetting.
After several "pumps" of the barrel it will eventually "cock".
When it does it is powerful and accurate.
Does anyone here know how I may fix this problem,or who I might send it to for repair. Pyramid Air told me they don't work on Chinese Beemans.
I think the rifle is certainly worth fixing, I hate to just dispose of a good shooting rifle because it has what I imagine is a fixable problem. With my Tasco 3-9X40 air scope on it the rifle will shoot close to my Diana. If I can only get it "cocked"!! Any help? Thanks, Mike
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