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Thanks for your all your input on the JC Higgins Model 50 in 270. I took it out and shot it and it performed beautifully. Extremely accurate rifle. Its a keeper as is.

However now I would like to scope it. It is already tapped for mounts, but I have no idea where I could find scope bases for it. No one lists JC Higgins and no one lists FN Mauser.
Since it is already drilled and taped from the factory I imagine, I don't want to redrill it. A Weaver #46 mount fits on the front receiver, and sopmeone said if that is the case then a Weaver #45 would fit the on rear. The bridge and the receiver are at different levels as is typical of Mausers.

Any help input in helping me find the correct mounting system for this rifle would be greatly appreciated.


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Need help with scope mounting for JC Higgin

Most reasonably stocked sporting goods stores will carry the bases for this rifle. Brownells lists them on page 337 of their catalog number 57. They list the number 45 for the rear receiver ring and the 46 for the front ring. Alternatively they list the number 402 base for the front if an extension front base is needed because of the scope mounting position. This last is needed sometimes with some of the modern close coupled scopes. One piece mounts aren't listed but sometimes show up on EBay and other used parts houses.. Good luck, these are great old rifles..
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