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On the subject of lures: For ***** I carry only 2. My primary is Ace's Muskrat Super all call. I have found it's better than his **** lure in my area. The 2nd is my own and it does have anis so you will get that licerice (spelling) smell somewhat. When I place a **** lure I try to smear some a few feet above the ground then at the actual set whether it be on the roof of lets say a pocket set or if no bait is used , at the rear. Oh, and I don't use **** glands as I feel it's of no real actraction in that formulation. Shoot me an email with your address and I'll send a freebe for ya.

On another not Mallard is gonna help me re-design my website going into great detail about trapping all water furbearers. When I say detail I mean exact pocket location, constuction, Why I pick these location etc...
I also had on the site Ace's 5 page Fox and Yote instructions.
It's a great read and all sets are fully illustrated. Mallard used to send people there quite often. Problem is I got too many hits so they'd shut me down for a few days so I suggest you print it out.
Best of all it's free!!!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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