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Well, I got to the range today, with limited ammo and time but I was there.

Took the new 243 barrel I got from Cookieman and my 375 Win BB.

I had only two loads for the 243. One was 10 rounds of leftover 60gr HP from a LONG time ago anf the other was a quick load up of 13 rounds (all I had left) of Sierra 85gr BTHP in front of 43gr of IMR 4350.

If it keeps up like this I'll be VERY happy. Since I had limited resources, I only shot at 50yds. I took the Simmons Aetec scope off my Savage '06 and shot the 60gr'ers to get it on paper. It was already there. Shot about 6" high and 2" right. Made some adjustments and shot some more. Grouped about 1 1/4" with the next three.

Then tried three 85gr loads. About 1" left and 4" high. These three grouped about 3/4". Looking better. Moved the crosshairs to compensate and shot another target. First two are nearly same hole. Next one about 1/2" up and left.

Those were the best groups. After that they open a bit to about about 1 1/2". remember, this is 50yds. That was just a load picked out of my ??? since that was the powder and bullets I had on hand.
My Hodgdons manual doesn't even recommend IMR4350 as one of the most accurate powders for that bullet weight so I am very hopeful.

Pet loads anyone?

I had one case stick and that felt tight going in, and it was one of the old loads anyway, so I somewhat expected it to stick. All others poped right out.

I have NO trouble getting to the lands with either the 85gr or 100gr bullets in this rifle.

Soon, I'll try some factory stuff and other powders.

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Hey, I've been waitin' for that post. I was hopin' it would be a good shooter. I haven't had a chance to get out with my 45-70 yet. Lots of hours at work and then the normal family and home stuff. But things are gonna slow down at work after next week so I should have some time then. Glad it worked out for you. Enjoy your Memorial Day.
I'm off to the in-laws for a BBQ.
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