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New 243 WSM

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I have heard that Winchester will be coming out with two new cartridges, a .223 WSSM and .243 WSSM. Actually, they are apparently called WSSM rather than WSM because the new WSSMs are "Winchester Super Short Magnum" (they are even shorter than the WSMs). These new cartridges are supposed to be out in 2003.

Has anybody heard about this?
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New Calibers

:D GB,I agree with what you are saying about what we already have.Now in my humble opinion if the firearms industry wanted to do something to boost sales they could do this.Build a rifle of whatever cal.that would shoot very accurate and not have to have so many things done to it after the purchase to make it do so.Granted it would cost a little more but the purchaser would get lots more.By the time the consumer gets through bedding the action,a trigger job,setting the barrel back,lapping the lugs,floating the barrel and trueing the action he has a good price in his original purchase.More cals. will create more interest and more sales.What I would call technology is refineing what we already have.Just my thoughts,I am CAL........
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