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New 243 WSM

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I have heard that Winchester will be coming out with two new cartridges, a .223 WSSM and .243 WSSM. Actually, they are apparently called WSSM rather than WSM because the new WSSMs are "Winchester Super Short Magnum" (they are even shorter than the WSMs). These new cartridges are supposed to be out in 2003.

Has anybody heard about this?
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zachary,i have used the 264 win mag with 26 in barrel for some time now.
i have the win model 70 with the claw extractor.this caliber has gotten a lot of bad press as an over bore and a barrel burner.most of which is unfounded.the experts will tell you that its demise was due to the 7mm rem mag is easer on barrels then all of the new short magnums and rifles like the lazzeronis and the ultra mags,and most of these are more overbored then the 6.5win mag.and throat erosion is no longer an issue with the new stainless actions! this is the flatest shooting 6.5 on the market,with exception to the lazzeroni 6.5 which most folks can`t afford,and the ammo is very costly.i use conley loads with 140grs
at 3,200fps .this setup will safely take elk out to 500+ yds! and kick is less then my /06!
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the 243wssm is around 200fps faster then the reg 243. they say that there is less kick with the shorter fatter round. i think new calibers sell.
its all about selling more guns.every year a new caliber appears on the scene and people go crazy to get one! deer were dropping by thousands
from 30/30s,257 roberts 7mm mausers 30/06s the old days.
its like a new car,no matter how good the old one was we had to have a new one! first kid on the block,ask questions later!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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