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New Barrel 7mm or 300mag?

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I have just recieved approval from the house appropriations comittee (spouse) to buy a new barrel. I have decided that it will be either a 7mm rem mag or a 300 win mag, with Leupold qr base and rings. I have not shot a 300 or 7mm but would assume that recoil will be somewhat less with the 7mm. I don't plan to hunt buff or bear with it, mostly deer and pig. I have a 7x57 so bullets can be used for each. Any thoughts?
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A 7MM Mag is similiar to a 30/06 the 300 WM is a step up in power. If you don't intend to hunt anything mean and nasty, the 7MM will be a good choice.
New barrel 7mm or 300 wm

Gregory I have a 7mm for my Encore shoots good and does kick about the same as my 30 06 Savage. The Encore is alot more fun to shoot though. The Savage doesn't get out much any more. Mark
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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