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New Barrel

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This is not a flame post for TC. I just dont understand how this can happen. I bought off of E-Bay a 30-30 AI made by TC. Factory barrel. I cannot get a round to chamber in it. The brass will chamber, but not with a bullet in the brass. This barrel is brand new and has not been shot as far as I can tell. I am sure TC will make it good if this is the case. I just wonder is there anything I am missing? Shouldnt a factory 30-30 round chamber in this barrel? As I said I can get the brass in when I pull a bullet but not a loaded round. Yes I have tried to seat the bullet deeper but the same problem. Just a note to say you never have seen it all. Any other ideas? thanks
ME :eek:
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Well this is a long shot...a guess...but worth trying...

There is the possibility that someone broke a shell off at the you would have a ring of brass in the throat that is nearly impossible to see. I have done that with my 7mm TCU before. Here's what you do to see if it is the problem, and remedy the situation. Take an old .45 caliber or 50 caliber bronze bore brush...if you dont have one, go down to the store and get a new one, they are cheap. Remove the barrel, it is easier. Make sure that the shank part of the bore brush is smaller than the bore, but the brush part is significantly larger. FORCE that S.O.B. down the MUZZLE end of the barrel, NOT THE CHAMBER, until it goes through the other end. If I am will have a 3/8" ring of brass pop out on your brush. If not....take it to your local Gunsmith, but this might be all you need and you will be happily shooting.............
I guess he must have blown himself up.....

Hey dude....did you try the oversize bore brush, or did you blow yourself up?
30/30 A.I.

You most likely have a tight neck chamber. Send it back to T/C and let them measure it and let you know.
Thanks for all the help guys. I have been deer hunting and have just returned. Tried a ;bore brush and no luck. Took a magnifying glass and loght and looked into the chamber nothing in there but chamber. I will send it back after deer season. Thanks again.

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