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New Batch of Swedes

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Guys - Sarco just got in a shipment of Swedish 6.5 target rifles, the model CG-63. These are the target models the Swedes set up to shoot their 300m matches.

Dave Fortier of Shotgun News tesed one that brought in half inch groups at 100m with open sights and handloads. And some of the load data that was provided sure makes the Swede look even better than it is. Fortier opined that the 6.5 Swede even leaves the 308 in the dust - I'll buy that. I think he said these off the rack rifles are all ready to shoot (maybe a bit of cleaning first) but that is dang good for a 96 Mauser. FYI. Mikey.
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Mikey; This latest batch of swede CG-63's sure blew the guys out of the water with trying to cash in on what they squirreled away!! I was seeing outragious prices on them till now. Still my best finds have been at gun shows and local sales for regular swede's (M96's & M38's & M96/38's). I did get some great ones from Samco before the bottom of the barrel was hit, well were threw it know at samco were in the dirt and almost to the lava from what i have heard their sending out for the snipers they have left. They sound like pieced together POS (mismatched)too bad. Sarco sounds like they have found a few goodies. BB

BTW; If i was shopping for a swede sniper i would look at Empirearms i don't trust anyone else.
I've done very well by the Swedish M96s in 6.5x55; have 3 of them and all are pretty good rifles, quite accurate. One was a sniper rifle (receiver holes in left side and turned down bolt). I can hardly believe a 100 year old rifle shoots that well. I'm a believer. Best wishes.

Cal - Montreal
BigBill Ol Buddy - you are right. I re-read the article and sure enough they are mis-matched rifles and bolts. Ah well, at least the one Fortier got was a good shooter with target groups going from .5 to .875 inches. Mikey.
The swedes are great shooters.. I bought 5 from the first of the major imports and bought a carbine later.. They all shoot great.. The mismatched bolt does really alter the rifles accuracy if the headspace checks out. It becomes a red flag that the rifle needs top be checked, that's all. All of the rifles I sporterized for others were shooters, one going under .3 inches regularly with handloads.. I kept 3 '96s original, one an original oberdorf contract rifle.. The carbine I bought locally. The guy was using it for deer hunting and it just cost too much to sporterize. He asked $35 for it,,I didn't quibble! It's in great original shape but does have the stock modification for the bayonet and the bayonet lug itself.. I even lucked into an original bayonet for the carbine.. That's a hard one to find!!
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gunnut69; When you say carbine which one is it? Is it a M96/38 which would be a Carl Gustaf or Obendorf that started life out as an M96 and I believe if the way the number system is right they were modified and cut in 1938 into carbines. Thus model 1896 and modified in 1938 makes it a "96/38". If its a Husqvarna its an orginal "new production" M38's these were made in the 40's. Now there is a carbine that was made before everything back in 1894 its the little M94 carbine. There were many fakes made of the M94 too by cutting down the others. If you have an orginal M94 and you paid $35 for it you did great!!! I'll give you $40 for it? No just kidding. I have been eyeing the 7mm M94 the swede's made for south america. BigBill

There are some of the mauser guru's who say the only orginal mauser is the Obendorf. I guess back in the old days there was competition between the mauser manfacturers in Germany as to who's was the best. I don't dispute anything i like them all. :-D
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gunnut69 - don't listen to BigBill - I'll give ya $45 for that carbine right now (lol). Mikey.
Hy Hunter was sellin' them '94 Carbines for $ 1956. :roll:
The prices can only go higher on all the surplus stuff lets face it its like land they just ain't making anymore!!!! Some are well past the prices of the modern stuff already and i think as they continue to runout all the prices will be much higher if you can find them. At some of the gun shows here there are no sks's or mosins sometimes already. There's always a few mausers but not much of anything else lately. BB

I remember a few years ago seeing a table full of #41 Johnsons and i thought $1,200 was high well over the next few years they never seem to stop going up and they have hit $4,000+ now. I'll bet the guy wished he had never sold them so soon.
If you look on the stock of the Swedish mausers you'll see an oval, gold colored disk. It will pretty well tell you the accuracy level of the rifle. The Swedes periodically recalled their rifles to an arsenal and checked them out. Not being heavily used in war time most are in excellent condition. I have 3 M96s, and all shoot very well indeed. Best wishes.

Cal - Montreal
The stock disc tells the accuracy and some of my swede's have up to three changes made on the stock disc. Now there is another marking to see how many times its been repaired too there are crowns near the trigger guard stamped in the wood. The more crowns the more its been repaired. The only way i would believe the stock disc is if the wood is serial numbered to gun and its 100% all matching otherwise its miss matched so there's less chance the stock disc/crowns/stock is correct all to the gun. I never checked all of my swede's to see if the wood matches but i do have one thats 100% all matching with a bright bore and she's a pretty one too. You don't see these that often and its the first all matching one i have ever seen. The most common thing is the bolt matches the reciever and thats as far as it goes with most swede's I have seen lately and most of the hardware is all not matching too.
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