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New Batch of Swedes

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Guys - Sarco just got in a shipment of Swedish 6.5 target rifles, the model CG-63. These are the target models the Swedes set up to shoot their 300m matches.

Dave Fortier of Shotgun News tesed one that brought in half inch groups at 100m with open sights and handloads. And some of the load data that was provided sure makes the Swede look even better than it is. Fortier opined that the 6.5 Swede even leaves the 308 in the dust - I'll buy that. I think he said these off the rack rifles are all ready to shoot (maybe a bit of cleaning first) but that is dang good for a 96 Mauser. FYI. Mikey.
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The swedes are great shooters.. I bought 5 from the first of the major imports and bought a carbine later.. They all shoot great.. The mismatched bolt does really alter the rifles accuracy if the headspace checks out. It becomes a red flag that the rifle needs top be checked, that's all. All of the rifles I sporterized for others were shooters, one going under .3 inches regularly with handloads.. I kept 3 '96s original, one an original oberdorf contract rifle.. The carbine I bought locally. The guy was using it for deer hunting and it just cost too much to sporterize. He asked $35 for it,,I didn't quibble! It's in great original shape but does have the stock modification for the bayonet and the bayonet lug itself.. I even lucked into an original bayonet for the carbine.. That's a hard one to find!!
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