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Hey had a blast at the range tonite shooting the .44 SRH of all guns

We (few friends from work ) went to the range after work. Had 5 new shooters. 3 of which never fired a gun before tonite. 2 of those were women.

We (the regualr shooters) had everything from a .22 to my .44 mag

I started the ladies with the .22 (browning semi auto) they both loved it and shot it well out to 30 feet.

The one young lady ,a real petite girl, wanted to shoot the louder guns as she referred to them as.
Ok l let her try the .357 (S&W model 13 4" barrel) with real light .38s and she loved it wanted more power. So she shot a .40 Glock, hated the feel (too big of a grip)
Wanted to try the little one (my .45 Kimber Ultra CDP II 3") she like that and shot surprisingly real well (like 4" groups at 25 feet)
Well now she was getting kinda cocky and wanted to shoot he BIG ONE. The .44 Mag Ruger Super Redhawk with the scope.

Ok , I had picked up some .44 specials and never shot them so I figure what the heck. I ran 6 through first just in case (i had no idea how light they kicked) she then proceeded to shoot 25 yards keeping all 6 in the full circle of a standard pistol target with her 1st time shooting the .44

You talk about a blast. All the guys in the range were watching this lady blazing away with a .44, and were stunned becuase she just kept smiling and squeezing the trigger.

She wanted to try the .44 mags but after watching a few rounds she opted to stay with the .44 specials.

This was the most fun I have had at a range in a long time, watching a never before shooter go from just wanting to watch to now wanting to buy a .22

TOO bad she is already married to a good friend of mine who will now be a tad upset at me, that his wife is now gonna want to tag along at the range all the time now

OH well another happy shooter


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New fun with the .44 SRH and a new shooter-

I did something similar with my glockster buddys one time. I had just gotten the 454, and I had a few really light loads set up just because. They really shot out a fireball, but kick was minimal.

When people asked to try it, I would load them up with the hottest hornady customs I could find at the time. Then I'd load up a full cylinder of the light ones and my wife would blast away.

They would just shake their heads and slink away :)
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