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I'm no expert in airgunning. In fact when I get into a new aspect of shooting I jump in with both feet and learn as I go.
Now we have the internet and I still jump in and ask questions later, so here come the questions.
I bought a 52 from an auction site and it arrived today in as new, prestine condition.
It came with a Simmon .22 Mag scope, which of course is all wrong for the gun.
I have no idea if the scope is o.k. or not, the seller says the owner put 50 rounds thru the rifle. ( 330 bucks for the gun inc. shipping)
Beats me, but the seller is reliable and truthful.
I will dismount the Simmons and toss it on a .22.
I've narrowed my search for glass to the better BSA, Simmons ProAir and the Leepers.
I'm not familiar with Leepers at all. They seem to be in the moderate price range and I don't want junk.
Anyone know of Leepers, and quality???????????????????????????
Or should I bite the big bucks and go with a scope that cost as much as the rifle?
By the way, I have some experience.
I have an RWS 54 with older Simmons fixed 4X ProAir that is fine after about 1200 shots.
An RWS 48 in .22 with 4 X 16 RWS airgun scope that is pure JUNK and broken, going back to RWS soon. Junk scope.
A Gamo break neck with fixed 4X BSA.
Scope is fine, the rifle is JUNK!
Too bad Gamo is so popular as every catalog and chain store sells them and they suck.

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I have a BSA AR31244 on my Crosman 377, it seems to be a great scope after a couple tins of pellets, it's also been on my RWS 46 Stutzen, but I put it back on the crosman until I get the Stutzen shooting good. Lawdog highly recommends the BSA, and I have to agree with him.

I have a couple Leapers coming tomorrow to see what kind of scope they are, will post my findings. They're the 4x32AO mini mildot and the 3-9x50AO Mildot, one of em will end up on the Stutzen if they look like they're any good.


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I am no huge fan of red dots I have tried them on black powder guns,22's and pistols. I do have one on a shot gun I like and on a crossbow that is a 3 dot sight. Anyway I just bought a cheap Nc Star at the gun show this last Sat for 5 bucks. The guy wanted 10 I offered him 5 since it had no battery and you could not test it and I told him so. If nothing else it had some Adapter blocks that were 3/8 (22/airgun) mount on the bottom and weaver style on the top so you could keep the weaver rings on and mount to a 22 or airgun. Neat I never have seen these before. I figured heck them were worth 5 bucks. Got it home put in a battery and thankfully it worked. One of the clamps on the bottem were missing but I grabbed one out of my junk drawer and filed it to fit and tighten on the grooves. Any way I have heard the red dots will stand up to the springers so I put it on my 20 dollar Chinese Cummings special. I only shot it across the room but it put them in one ragged hole shot after shot so for airgun ranges they must work ok.

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Airsporter said:
The RWS 48/52 rifles are powerful springers and notoriously hard on scopes. I wouldn't buy any scope for it without a reputable 'lifetime' warranty.

Here's a list of scopes recommended by one retailer for magnum class springers:

Personally, if you have the money, I think Leupold (made in the USA) is hard to beat.
I agree with you completely about the RWS 48/52 having a history of busting scopes. Seen it happen in person. I don’t agree with Straight Shooters on the Bushnell scopes though. I bought two of them(Trophy 6-18x 40mm #73-6184(the one recommended by Bushnell for magnum springer air rifle use) and an Elite 3200 5-15x 40mm #32-5154M) and the power knob turns so hard on both it isn’t possible to change the power setting without grabbing the scope with both hands and applying a good deal of force. I called Bushnell on this and they told me that was normal and they would “wear in” with use. That was two years ago and they haven’t “worn in” yet. They refused to replace them saying nothing was wrong with them. So much for Bushnell’s warrantee. Actually since Bushnell bought out Tasco from bankruptcy, I consider them no better than Tasco and Tasco is JUNK, PERIOD[/color]. I have heard good things about the Leapers scopes and intend to try them soon. The three makers of scopes I have and do use are BSA, Burris(excellent scopes with a warrantee every bit as good as Leupold) and Leupold. Lawdog

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Thanks for the info guys.
I bought the BSA 3 X 9 , or was that a 4 X 12. heck I fergit already.
It isn't here yet.
I'm very suspecious of BSA only because they are not expensive.
It was in the hundred buck range.
I see straightshooters lists the Swift. If the BSA fails is the Swift any good or am I gonna have to bite the big bucks on a Leupold or Burris?
The BSA is comming from Pyramid Air and BSA claims a limited lifetime warranty.
Like I said I'm suspicious of cheap glass. A poor quality sight is a bad investment.
I'm sending my RWS M48 and 4X16 RWS scope back to RWS.
The scope is J U N K.
I'm also getting a Leapers knock off on the Beeman one piece mount.
I've read a solid mount is an absolute necessity for the magnum springers.
I'm dumping the Gamo and BSA fixed 4X.
Gamo = J U N K.
I hope the BSA holds up.

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model 48

I have an RWS scope, a 3 x 9 I think adjustable focus, that has worked well once I figured out how to anchor the scope, rings & base to the gun.
The recoil is a bear on the setup.
I paid a good bit for the scope hoping it was matched to the rifle along with the C mount, since they all had the RWS name. The scope's made in Korea, Germany for the rifle I think & who knows for the mount. I eventually bought an upgraded screw kit for the mount from Airgun Express that helped.
Unless you know for sure the scope is busted, check that it isn't moving around in its mount. It's not necessarily apparent at first.

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It's the scope alright.
The eleveation knob broke off!
The mount was put on by A.G.E. and is on so tight I stripped a couple hex heads trying to get the "C" mount off.
The whole works is headed back to RWS repair center soon.
A.G.E. no longer works on RWS products, no do they sell RWS products.
Go figure.
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