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I am no huge fan of red dots I have tried them on black powder guns,22's and pistols. I do have one on a shot gun I like and on a crossbow that is a 3 dot sight. Anyway I just bought a cheap Nc Star at the gun show this last Sat for 5 bucks. The guy wanted 10 I offered him 5 since it had no battery and you could not test it and I told him so. If nothing else it had some Adapter blocks that were 3/8 (22/airgun) mount on the bottom and weaver style on the top so you could keep the weaver rings on and mount to a 22 or airgun. Neat I never have seen these before. I figured heck them were worth 5 bucks. Got it home put in a battery and thankfully it worked. One of the clamps on the bottem were missing but I grabbed one out of my junk drawer and filed it to fit and tighten on the grooves. Any way I have heard the red dots will stand up to the springers so I put it on my 20 dollar Chinese Cummings special. I only shot it across the room but it put them in one ragged hole shot after shot so for airgun ranges they must work ok.
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