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Airsporter said:
The RWS 48/52 rifles are powerful springers and notoriously hard on scopes. I wouldn't buy any scope for it without a reputable 'lifetime' warranty.

Here's a list of scopes recommended by one retailer for magnum class springers:

Personally, if you have the money, I think Leupold (made in the USA) is hard to beat.
I agree with you completely about the RWS 48/52 having a history of busting scopes. Seen it happen in person. I don’t agree with Straight Shooters on the Bushnell scopes though. I bought two of them(Trophy 6-18x 40mm #73-6184(the one recommended by Bushnell for magnum springer air rifle use) and an Elite 3200 5-15x 40mm #32-5154M) and the power knob turns so hard on both it isn’t possible to change the power setting without grabbing the scope with both hands and applying a good deal of force. I called Bushnell on this and they told me that was normal and they would “wear in” with use. That was two years ago and they haven’t “worn in” yet. They refused to replace them saying nothing was wrong with them. So much for Bushnell’s warrantee. Actually since Bushnell bought out Tasco from bankruptcy, I consider them no better than Tasco and Tasco is JUNK, PERIOD[/color]. I have heard good things about the Leapers scopes and intend to try them soon. The three makers of scopes I have and do use are BSA, Burris(excellent scopes with a warrantee every bit as good as Leupold) and Leupold. Lawdog
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