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new to predator hunting

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Hello every one I'm a deer hunter and have desiced to take on a new challance and need some tips getting started. first off what gun should I use? I was thinking 223,or 22-250 or mabe a 243 what do yall think? Also I live in eastren K.y so I dont have any big fields to hunt like you see on t.v. its all mountains arround here and my shot will proble be with in 150/200yds max and what call/calls should I use I was thinking mabe a rabbit call? Oh yeah I'll be after cyotes,fox,and bobcat. thanx for any info.
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new to varmits

sounds like you might be happy with a 223 range fits well into what you are going to br asking from the caliber and for practice cheep ammo and reloads are always avail. wounded rabbit call is what I use the most. have fun be careful. :D JIM
Yep, a .223 will do just fine. That's what I shoot out here in the desert and it performs flawlessly at calling ranges.
witch has more knock down a 22-50 or 223 because I was thinking of getting a smaller cal for deer hunting and i could just get the one with a little more boom and dubble it for deer hunting too.
223 vs 22-250

in that case where legal between the two probably the 22-250, in your original post you also included the 243 which would be a closer 2nd deer round than the other 2 but if between the other two the 22-250 will do. :D JIM
As jhm said, check your state's regulations to make sure a .22 caliber rifle is legal for deer. I know many states do not allow it. For double duty (deer/coyote) the .243 is about ideal, although the .260 Remington might be worth a look. Keep in mind that anything larger than a .223 is going to wreak havoc on the smaller predators - fox and bobcat primarily. If you're really interested in saving the hides, a .17 caliber or one of the smaller .22s (.22 hornet or .223) is the best option short of trapping the critters.

The .22-250 does move the bullet faster than the .223, but at practical calling ranges and responsible deer ranges, there is little difference. I would recommend, however, that you opt for something with a bit more punch for deer hunting.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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