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Welcome abord, Alex.
The vast part of the price on the Pro-swage dies is the removal hardened steel dies themselves. The die holders and knock-out rods are very low cost items.
You can ask Dave Corbin himself (he does answer most e-mails within 24 hours... Fridays the shop is closed, but he's there sometimes answering emails). Go to , review that portion addressing your new dies (( )), and then send him an email. Ask him what his price is for just the die (the punches are priced at $25/ea, I think) because you already have the holder and rod.
I believe the minimum you will need for each caliber is the removable die and at least one base punch. Mr Corbin will probably ask you to consider his swage press (CSP-1) and a series of lead bullet dies (LSWC-1-S) if you intend to make more than, say, 3 different calibers of lead bullets or are interested in 'growing' into the bullet swaging hobby, especially if you are interested in making jacketed bullets where the jacket fits all the way up the body of the bullet. 8)
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