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Below is part of the Article. New Yorkers need to ask these people like Sen. John Marchi from Staten Island. "Just what does deer hunting have to do with the second Amendment?" Have you actualy read the Constitution?" If there intent is not clear to you, have you read the works of the framers at the time. The second amentment is about one thing only, " Firearms to protect the country and its citizens from a out of control goverment." Period. These people swear to uphold the constiitution but later find the document inconvient. The fight continues, as always.

"Asked about the prospects for Lavelle's bill, state Sen. Diane Savino (D-North Shore/Brooklyn) said she would need to review it. A spokesman for Sen. John Marchi (R-Staten Island) said the same, but added that Marchi "feels nobody needs a combat weapon to go deer-hunting."
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