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:D Hello
I am new to this,Paper patch business,I have a Ruger#3 in 45/70 and would like to start using paper patch bullets.
Do I have to go to the expense of buying swaging equipment?,or can I use my 500gr Lee mould,405 Rcbs mould.
I will probably use smokeless powder,do i have to get a smaller mould(.450 dia)? and what paper do i use?,now i 'm in Australia (don't hold that against me) and what paper can i get here that you know of?
Any info would be greatly received
see ya
Dale (no3) :wink:
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PP Bullet Diameter

Hi Dale no3, in regards to your question about the necessary bullet dia. You should have a cast bullet of approx. .446- .448 dia. The paper thickness that you use adds 4 times the thickness of one layer of the paper. If you are using .0010 thick paper you actually add .0040 thickness to the dia of the patched bullet.

If you know the grove dia. of your barrel try to keep the patched bullet dia. somewhere between that, and the dia. between the lands.

I hope this helps, others may have differing views. You have to try what works in your rifle. It is fun to experiment. Just go slowly, and document your findings in a shooting diary. Merry Xmas, Omaha
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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