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Ref. the current turmoil about the Speaker of the House, for a few weeks now I've read many news articles bemoaning the disaster to the world because "the GOP is in a civil war with itself", "the GOP is imploding", "the GOP crazies are running loose", "can the GOP save itself form the TEA party", etc. All brought on by a few (about 40) conservative congressmen who are determined to stick to the campaign promises they made to the people; in DC, that's insane to the point of being scary. It threatens the entire "go along to get along" (morally corrupt) power structure in both parties who have the world's cushiest jobs, all comfortably controlled by rich contributors. Mitch McConnel is the Senate equivalent to Boehner and he too is working to stave off a conservative rebellion (I hope he fails too).

Most of the "news" media (about 90%) hates Republicans in general and true conservatives in particular. When I see that media collectively crying crocodile tears about the sad state of the GOP I KNOW it's not the Rebublicans they worry about, it's the safety of establishment liberal Democrats they care for. I believe the media are scared silly that conservative Democrats will be emboldened to shake up their entrenched bought and paid for power system!

I have really enjoyed reading the lame stream "news" media's thinly disguised panic for all they hold dear!
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