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"No room for Him," the keeper said
That night so long ago,
"My inn is crowded, don't you see,
The rooms now overflow,"
"It's just a Child," he must have thought,
"A family, poor and plain;
My inn is filled with paying guests,
How could I dare explain?"

And thus, he turned aside from One
Who chose a humble birth
To enter into human form
And save all men on earth.
But lo, the shepherds in the hills
Were called, The Babe to greet;
They followed then the brilliant star
And worshiped at His feet!

"No room for Him," cry men today
As through the world they plod'
"My life is crowded, don't you see?
I have no room for God.
How could I dare explain to all
My friends who question me,
That Jesus came to save my soul,
From sin, to set me free?"

O God, forbid that we become
As keeper of the inn,
And have our lives so crowded
That we have no room for Him.
But now may we, Thy children dear,
Unworthy though we are,
Become as shepherds long ago
And follow now His star!
-Kathryn Slasor
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