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North Alabama Regulater's Shoot

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Well that wild bunch is gonna try and send some lead down range in the morning. Any of y'all folks close by ought to try and drop in. Registration starts at 8:00 AM. If anyone needs directions, check out this link:

If that don't work, email me and I'll try ta get 'em to ya. Just let me know where yer a comin' from! :D
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Yep, the first Sunday! We had a great time yesterday and believe it or not I brought home the third place black powder trophy! :-D Of course, ther were only four Black powder shooters, but what the hey! :wink:
Don't know, I seem to have that problem, sometimes. I guess it's better than getting second and being the only shooter! :-D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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