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NAHC Inside Track

Well I just opened my email this morning, and this of course is a mailer that is going out to all members of the North American Hunting Club. I just happen to be a life member of NAHC.

November 10, 2009
Inexpensive Rifle that Keeps Costing Less and Less

You like having the best hunting equipment possible, but you also like having money in your pocket. Turns out the two aren't mutually exclusive. H&R Handi-Rifles are inexpensive and built to stay that way.

A new, break-action single-shot H&R with hardwood stock and blued metal can be bought for less than $275, in a variety of calibers from .204 Ruger through .45-70 Govt. For a whole $25 more you can have a synthetic thumbhole stock option. From there, the gun just keeps getting less and less expensive.

The Weaver-style scope mount base that comes with each rifle makes it easy to switch a scope from gun to gun, saving you money. As a rule, H&R Handi-Rifles are amazingly accurate right out of the box, making them viable hunting tools for varmints as well as big game.

So the gun goes a long ways ... as does your money.
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