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Nosler BT or Hornady SPSX which blows a bigger hole

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I want to use one of the 2 which one will work better on coyotes i have use BT But i heard the SPSX makes one bad hole i will be using a 22 250 in a 50 gr bullet the hornadys r almost half the price the BT r and here in ARK the fur isnt to good on the dogs and SpSX works great on crows too out of a 223 i have read has anbody use them if so can u help me out thanks :-D
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BT vs Hor. SPSX

My experince of shooting ground hogs is the Nosler Ballistic Tip doesn't make a large exit hole. The autopsy of several ground hogs revealed that the BT's expand instantly, and the solid base is about the only thing left to exit. I don't believe the Hornady SPSX is recommened for 22-250 velocities, but I could be mistaken. Using the Hor. SPSX in the 223, I found they make a larger exit hole then the BT. On impact they start to expand a little slower then the BT's. The Hor.SPSX seem to be blowing the largest hole as it exits the ground hog, and the BT is blowing the largest hole in the middle of the ground hog. You may want to check out the Hornady V-Max. It expands on contact like the Nosler Ballistic Tip. 8)
Nosler BT or Hornady SPSX which blows a big

My friend shoots a short action in a 22 250 in a Savage i think the model # 11 i dont know for shore any way we just started to reload the SPSX 50 gr and with Varget P 37.0 and a 50 gr bullet it is shooting 3800+ shooting it threw a chronagraph and it is staying together to line the gun in do u think it will kill a coyote deaded or will he run off will it hit and blow up on the out side i would like to shoot it if i can but i want it too kill it dead i dont want it runing off and i like too shoot crows i know that spsx would hold up to kill a crow and does a v-max do a better job on varmints than a BT i have only shot the BT the v-max r cheaper price than the BT i am want a bullet to knock a hole going in and kill do u think the SPSX will hold up to do the job any help i will take
Hornady SPSX

Hi Varmint_Master et al:

I'm a big fan of Hornady SX's. I've used just about every .22-cal. bullet there is and it's between the Speer TNT and the Hornady SX for "most devastation" award. They do recommend not to push them over 3600 fps. Story is that the friction from the barrel causes the soft lead cores to become molten and the slotted jackets won't hold it all together under the rotational forces on the bullet. Anyways, I'm not a physicist, but can tell you that at 3400 fps at the muzzle they totally disintegrate going through a target paper at 100 yards.

Shot a coyote at 370 "old man" paces with a .22-250 and Varget. The critter was looking straight at me and just over a slight rise so that all I could see was from the middle of his chest up. The '250 was sighted dead on at 200, so I put the crosshairs right on the brow of his forehead, touched the trigger, and the coyote "lost his mind".

Cost always being a factor to me, I like the SX's a lot. And they are as accurate in my paper-punchers as any of the "match" stuff. Try 'em and enjoy!
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Nosler BT or Hornady SPSX which blows a big

Thanks Reed so they will work out of my 22 250 and hole togther to kill a coyote my friend got some of the SPSX 50gr and shot out of his Savage rifle and they group great we didnt know if they would hole together good to kill a dog how much varget r u using i think he loaded 37.0 grs they r a lot cheaper than BT bullets have u had a lot of luck using the SPSX bullets and if so what kind of hole did they make thanks for helping me out
Hornady spsx

varmit_master, I think you are just going to shoot a coyote and see. I read in a few places that the 40 gr. Sierra Round Nose Hornet. is a favorite bullet of coyote hunters. It's a very frangible bullet. I've read that coyote die quick form the shock of getting hit. If the Hornady spsx doesn''t kill them, switch to the V-Max or the BT. I have a few coyotes around my house, I've been hoping to get a shot at one when I'm ground hog hunting, but no luck yet. I jumped one in deer season. It ran down the edge of the field about 50 yds. away. I had my 45/70 contender, and I got the Aimpoints red dot on him. But There was a house about 200 beyond him and I had to hold my shot. When Mr. coyote was no longer in line with the house, he went behind a little rise in the field and I could only see about 2" of the top of his back. Then he was gone. 8)
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