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Hornady SPSX

Hi Varmint_Master et al:

I'm a big fan of Hornady SX's. I've used just about every .22-cal. bullet there is and it's between the Speer TNT and the Hornady SX for "most devastation" award. They do recommend not to push them over 3600 fps. Story is that the friction from the barrel causes the soft lead cores to become molten and the slotted jackets won't hold it all together under the rotational forces on the bullet. Anyways, I'm not a physicist, but can tell you that at 3400 fps at the muzzle they totally disintegrate going through a target paper at 100 yards.

Shot a coyote at 370 "old man" paces with a .22-250 and Varget. The critter was looking straight at me and just over a slight rise so that all I could see was from the middle of his chest up. The '250 was sighted dead on at 200, so I put the crosshairs right on the brow of his forehead, touched the trigger, and the coyote "lost his mind".

Cost always being a factor to me, I like the SX's a lot. And they are as accurate in my paper-punchers as any of the "match" stuff. Try 'em and enjoy!
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