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After the first day of the National Hunter Pistol championships at the McKean County Rifle Club, Bradford, Pa., Aubrey Adcock from Virginia took the lead in the Hunter Pistol Scoped class hitting a total of 57 targets out of a possible 60. Preston Gibson a shooter from Texas was second with a 56. Hal Simpkins hailing from Maryland was third with a 55.

In the Open sight competition, Gibson edged out Branford’s Rob Drummond in a tie breaking shoot off. Both, marksman ended the afternoon open sight matches with 51’s. Ohio’s Jim Kesser was sitting on third over Simpkins, due to tie breaking criteria. The duo each finished with 50’s

In the Aggregate championship, the total of all four guns to be fired through out the week. Gibson was first with a 107, Adcock second with a 106, and Simpkins third at 105. McKean County Rifle Club shooter Drummond was hanging at fourth with a 104.

The NRA Hunter Pistol championships will continue tomorrow, beginning at 8 o’clock. Wednesday and Thursday will see competion with the .22 Rimfire smallbore guns.
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