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The results of this testing surprised me somewhat. We have been told that 777 is so much powerful than Pyrodex, etc. Well, it ain't true.

"In the October issue Rifleman magazine announced the results of testing of black powder and the black powder substitutes. Bryce M. Towsley attached a pressure strain gauge to the Knight .50 caliber Knight KRB rifle that was used in the testing. The gun has a 27 inch barrel. The Hornady 250 grain SST bullet and sabot were used in the testing.

Two things stuck out at me:

1. The power of Swiss brand black powder. This stuff is really powerful: 2,065 fps with a 150 grain charge.
2. The fact that there is really not a dime's worth of difference in the power of Pyrodex RS, Pyrodex Select, and Triple Seven.
Velocity of 150 grain charges of Pyrodex granular:

1. Pyrodex RS: 2,139 fps.
2. Pyrodex Select: 2,175 fps.
3. Pyrodex Triple Seven: 2,166.

Velocity of 100 grain charges of Pyrodex granular:

1. Pyrodex RS: 1,850 fps.
2. Pyrodex Select: 1,860ps.
3. Pyrodex Triple Seven: 1,961 fps.

Velocity of 3, 50 grain Triple Seven pellets.

Pyrodex Triple Seven pellets: 2,106 fps.
The 3, 777 pellets gave a higher pressure reading than 150 grains of granular 777.

Two of the new Triple Seven Magnum pellets gave a velocity of 1,850 fps, the same as a 100 grain charge of Pyrodex RS.

So much for the claim that Triple Seven granular is X percent more powerful that the equivalent in 777 pellets. "
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