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NWTF National Convention

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Just got back from the NWTF national convention. I had a good time and saw some recognizable faces, Howard Harlan, Dick Kirby, and Eddie Salter. Overall had a good time, I don't think it was as good as the last one held in Nashville, the one in '95 or '96 I think. Got to see some beautiful taxidermy and craft work. The calls keep getting better and more beautiful. What I saw today was some of the best examples of craftsmanship that I've ever seen, some of these pieces were of art gallery caliber. It seems like every booth had friction calls for sale. Every person walking by must have felt compelled to pick one up and give a series of lone hen yelps. My ears are still ringing. I swear I can still hear all those "turkeys" clucking and yelping. If you ever get the chance to go, go. There's lots of good people to meet and chat with and some bargains to be found. Saw some good prices on clothing and equipment, bought some name brand diaphragms for $2.50 a piece and found my Heart of Dixie slate call.

Frog :D
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