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Oberndorf mauser

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:? Hi guys

I was wondering if some of you can help me out.

Got a 1895 oberndorf mauser set in a mannlicher style stock that has no markings except the serial number and manufacturers marks.

What Gives.

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Savage T

The rifle in question is not in millitary form. But now that you mention the swedes.....
The rifle, is set in a SAKO mannlicher stlye stock( Buttpad has Sako on it.). I didn't believe this was a sako gun though. The stock seems to have way too much wood on it; ya know its kinda clunky and big. I thought maybe someone built the gun up and added a Sako buttpad or something along those lines; and my bluebook makes no reference to this being offered by Sako.

What caliber would you guys think this is.
The ser# is 115xx.

Thanks again :)
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Big Bill.

Thanks for the reply.

Don't know what caliber; not marked anywhere.

The barrel on this gun is the stock barrel though.

So you're saying its 7x57 more than likley.

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If you guys tell me how to post pics on this site; I'll post it so you can see it.

turfman :D
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