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City Unveils AW Registration Plan, Forms

Columbus city officials today will unveil their registration scheme through which citizens are to "register" their firearms if they meet the definition of a so-called "assault weapon" under the wide-ranging gun ban passed by City Council on July 11. The ban goes into effect on August 11, and city residents have 90 days from that date to register or dispose of their firearms that meet the city's definition of an assault weapon.

The city has devised a form, which can be accessed via the city's website, to be mailed in. The mail-in method is hoped to to encourage people to comply with the controversial new ordinance. Of course, easy process or not, criminals still won't be registering their guns. Even the assistant city attorney who worked on the language for City Council, Josh Cox, admitted to the Columbus Dispatch in a story a few weeks ago that the ordinance will have no effect on criminals. One lawsuit already has been filed on this issue, and others are expected.

Look for media coverage on the registration forms on August 3. The city website, where residents can learn more about the ban, print a registration form, and try to determine whether their gun meets the ordinance description, is

The city's website includes links to illustrations of various types of guns, even though the vaguely worded ordinance appears to cover many more guns than members of City Council mentioned when they worked for nearly nine months to terrify Columbus residents into supporting this law. There also is a link where you can download the form that is to be sent in to the city to register a firearm that is suspected of being an "assault weapon.

A REMINDER: Peoples Rights Organization is recommending that residents move any firearms they suspect might be covered by the ordinance outside the city limits until this matter is settled by the courts. This is important because the new law includes a draconian provision that prohibits gun owners who register their guns from ever selling their firearms, or leaving their guns to their heirs or loved ones upon their death.

*FW Note:

A power play designed to compile an inventory of lawfully held arms prior to banning and or confiscation. Since these officials can't control the current groups of uncooperative criminals, they plan to create a whole new group of "criminals" who will cooperate.

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