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OH: Columbus Council Rifle Ban Now Moves to Special Hearing


Last night, with little fanfare, Columbus City Council gave first reading to an ordinance that would ban possession of most semi-automatic rifles. The issue now moves to June 30, where another special public hearing will be held to debate the issue. PRO has been invited to testify, and will do so for about 20 minutes. Anti-gun organizations also will be testifying. Plus, the city will accept speaker slips from 30 members of the public, who will have 3 minutes to make their opinions known -- pro or con -- about this ill-conceived law proposal. The ban could be passed by Council as early as July 11, and would take effect 30 days after such a vote. Council knows that PRO is likely to take the matter to court once again, where we have won twice and forced the city (unfortunately, actually city taxpayers) to pay our legal bills.

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