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OK, I know this is going to sound weird, but it works.

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As I was thumbing through a loading book some years back I noticed that the diameter of the base of two shell cases (.223 and .380) was right at .375/.378 which just happened to be the groove diameter of the .375 Win and .375H&H !!!

So, taking an empty .380 case, I (don't try this at home comes to mind) loaded up the H&H with a few grains of Unique and launched one.

Instant success! The neatest .375 diameter hole CUT right through the 1-1/2 inches of a 2x4 !!! Next round was fired into it into the 2x4 the 3-1/2 inch way - going through most of it. Amazing to see an empty shell case with the striations from the barrel engraved in it.

Now to how this relates to swaging. I tried to pour an emtpy case with lead, by putting the empty in a mould. Not total success as there was was air trapped that could not be vented.

Now with a use for all those .380 cases that I pick up thinking they're 9mm's, I want to see if I can SWAGE a chunk of lead into the case and have a high-velocity-capable light-weight cheap-to-produce plinker.

By the bye, if you do try this at home:

a) all standard disclaimers apply - it's your responsibility (you've got to be tough if you're stupid), and
b) when the casing is loaded base forward the primer will come out.

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OK, I know this is going to sound weird, bu

Cool press! What was it originally? Your a real tinckerer, that's for sure.
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