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I have an old model Contender frame, S/N 130XXX, with a new .22LR Match Super 14 barrel, for plinking. Am considering having the Fox Ridge folks convert it to "Easy Open". The catalog that I have quotes $55.00 for this service.

The trigger has significant travel and seems heavy compared to the factory trigger on my Encore, which was reworked at the factory following my request when it was new. I set the sear trigger engagement to reduce the travel, but pull seems very heavy. I have not put it on the scale yet.

Question: Do you fellas think that I should send the Contender to Fox Ridge for the Easy Open conversion, then to Mike Bellm for a trigger job?
Is there a better option? I looked @ Mike's notes trigger jobs and the Guns & Ammo article of December 1985.. Maybe I should tackle the job myself, and send it off to Mike if I mess it up too bad.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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